Indian Cooking made quick and easy!

At Curries and Chutneys, we believe eating a healthy homemade meal should be easy and quick. Take-out and delivery food is tasty but not healthy, with all the oil and preservatives used in the ingredients.  With these sauces, all you need to do is sauté and simmer, saving you time, without compromising on taste or health!


Natural, Vegetarian homemade recipes

Our Indian sauces and curries are made from all-natural vegetarian ingredients. These sauces are made in small batches from fresh produce using the same recipes used by our mothers for that authentic taste and flavor.


So what makes these sauces different from others? Good question, I say. They use the best and all natural vegetarian ingredients for spice mixes. The spice blends are made fresh, from scratch, in small batches, to preserve the best flavors and freshness of aroma. Hence you get the goodness of wholesome freshness in the food that you cook with these sauces.

Note: Some sauces include nuts. Nut free option available for certain sauces.


Subtle flavors that you can use!


These subtle flavors appeal to all Indian cooking styles. The sauces are versatile and allow you to be creative with both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes. The sauces themselves are a vegetarian preparation.

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