As a mom and a wife, it is an immense satisfaction to be able to provide a fresh, healthy and delicious meal to my family. Life got busier with work, household chores, endless activity schedules for kids and socializing demands and I found myself struggling with wholesome delicious meals. Frozen food, take outs and deliveries started replacing good homemade food, which was unhealthy and expensive. That is when I started thinking of how I could minimize the time spent cooking and still provide healthy, homemade, reasonably priced Indian meals.


With Curries and Chutneys, my attempt is to provide a solution for a fresh homemade meal that is quick, easy, hassle free and can be ready in 10-15 mins. By the way, these sauces cook up a delicious meal as well. These are all natural, preservative and stabilizer free, vegetarian sauces, that provide you with endless options to bring your favorite Indian food on your table.


The pre-processed or restaurant food may contain preservatives and/or excessive salt, oil and sugar. My recipes are the same that I use at home for my family. I do not use anything that you will not use in your kitchen. So, I can’t give you long shelf life but I do give you a delicious, fresh and homemade recipe for the Indian food.


These sauces are also excellent for folks who have limited or no experience cooking Indian dishes and yet love them. Cook up yummy Indian curry in jiffy and enjoy the health benefits of spices like turmeric, cumin, ginger and garlic as well.

- Sheetal

Curries and Chutneys is an insured and licensed food preparation business in the state of NJ. All food is prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen and employees are ServSafe certified.


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